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Take My Heart Captive Video

Gwen Smith

The devotion today is about the itchy pest of temptation. In order to be strong when we face temptations, we need God’s help. We are able to resist and refocus when we align our hearts and desires to the heart and will of God. That’s what this song is about. Hope it blesses!

Yes, Lord. Please take my heart captive. Amen


Where does this song find you today?

Blessed to be doing life with you,


28 Responses

  1. Damaris says:

    Thank you for speaking to my heart, Holy Spirit. May my heart always be aligned with the desires and the will of my God Almighty. I surrender my will, and ask for You, my Lord to have your way in me.

  2. Tammy says:

    Please PRAY with me i no him and he has called me and i just can’t seem to move forward something has a hold of me SIGN I NEED HELP

    • gwen gwen says:

      Dear Lord,

      You are mighty to save, your mercies are new every morning, and your love is unstoppable. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for being a Shelter and Strong Tower when we need a hiding place. YOU are our hiding place, Father. I pray that you will overwhelm Tammy today with your grace and presence. Remind her that no matter what she is facing that you are there and that your grace is sufficient. Please lead her to a place of purity and holiness through your kindness that leads us to repentance. Restore to her the joy of your salvation and give her strength to rise up on eagles wings as she waits and hopes on you.

      In Jesus’s Name,

  3. Tammy says:

    I need the LORD to take my heart my mind my body and my soul captive

  4. Amie says:

    Take my heart captive is my prayer. My heart is shredded and broken but it is all I have to offer him.

  5. Karen says:

    I love the words to this song. I will pray continually that God will take my heart captive and hold me in His goodness daily. Beautiful! Please pray it for me as well.

    Karen C

    • gwen gwen says:

      They are my constant prayer as well, Karen. Lord – move us all closer toward your heart and grace. We need you. Oh, we need you. In Jesus name, amen.


  6. Enobong says:

    God bless you Gwen.Am so hit by this song, i dont have words to express my thought.God bless you again.

  7. Gwen, every song you sing speaks deeply to my Heart and Soul!!! Thank you so very much!!! God has Blessed you with a Beautiful voice!!! I love all your music, I just wish I could afford your new book, as I live on a very limited income, so this is the way I am renewed along with going to New Vintage Church where I live in Santa Rosa, Cal. May God Bless you as you move through your day.

    Always In Him,

  8. mauryn says:

    I’m seriously hungry and thirsty for God in my life.I want Him to change everything about me.I want Him to make me a blessing and a gift to people.perfect His healing in my life and bless me with a God fearing life partner.

  9. Racheal says:

    Your song takemy heart captive has touched me. God is truly amazing and he speaks to us in many ways. I’m hurt and down but God has touched me and spoke to me… Love you JESUS.

  10. Oge says:

    Although, I have not listened to the song, but I believe it is awesome. I need God dearly to come and rescue me from what i am going through. I want Him to come and reign in my life. To come and occupy my heart. To let me trust Him alone.

    • gwen gwen says:

      All of these things are very important, Oge. “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.” Psalm 105:4


  11. laolu says:

    thanks i really appreciate ur heart, may the Lord continue to guide u.

  12. tewam says:

    ms. Gwen)):

    I am Christian but I am suffering struggle to forgive myself. I sinned and I committed impurities. I was attracted to the same sex to the point that we kiss each other. I want to change. Pls. Help me):

    • Alana says:

      I understand your struggle. Because I wanted to I chose this sin in my mind over serving the Lord. Now I am no longer in His graces. But you my dear have a chance. Keep crying out to Him. He will deliver you from those tendencies. He did for me more than once, the reason I failed was because I chose to which now I deeply regret. However, I have not engaged in physical contact with the same sex in over 30 years. Your desire and mindset can keep you in that bondage. So ask God to change your heart from it and give you a new mind set. I know He is able.

      • Alana says:

        Praise God, my mindset is being changed. No longer do I desire to choose that lifestyle. I shall be made free from its stronghold. I pray for everyone who has been held by that lie that you shall be made free, the chain will be broken. Don’t give up.

  13. virginia says:

    I love this song! It speaks to exactly how I want to live my life all day every day!
    Giving my heart to God, and asking Him to take my heart captive will empower me, as He takes over guiding me through my day.
    Holding on to the words of this song throughout my trials and tribulations will give me the strength to overcome.
    Thank you for this beautiful song!

  14. Amy Marie says:

    Thank you for such a awesome song!Personally,am going through difficult times,that has led me to the grace of God’s love,& forgiveness that you sing about in your song.Am asking to be lifted up in prayer,for the lord to continue to strengthen my inner character,as I am facing a trial with my ex bf due to sinful actions,on my part,& not having any boundaries in my life,or relationship with him caused me to send him mixed messages from the start.And want to be changed by the lord, is hard but necessary,or I will never be the free,& whole person the lord wants me to be.Self-Control,fear,& anger are my three biggest emotions,that I’m learning I can control these unhealthy reactions,& instead respond,by trust,& obeying ,& being more of a doer of the word,than just a hearer!Thank you,for your encouraging heartfelt song,I want my heart to be captured,by the lord, & am keeping faith he will bring me through.

  15. Nancy Thompson says:

    I love Christ my Savior very much.

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