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Knock! Knock! Is Anybody There? Part 2

Sharon Jaynes

Today’s Truth
Indeed, none of those who wait for You will be ashamed;” (Psalm 25:3).

Friend to Friend
Yesterday I told you about my little neighbor, Philip, who had a tendency to walk in our house whenever he wanted. I told him that he couldn’t walk right in, but had to knock first. So the next day he knocked, and then when I didn’t answer the door, he walked right in.

“Philip,” I scolded, “I thought I told you to knock.”

“I did,” he said, “But you didn’t come. So I came on in.”

Mercy! We looked at how quickly we knock (ask God for direction in prayer), but how reluctant we are to wait for the answer before plowing ahead. Let’s look at that again today.

Many problems and messes in our lives come from not waiting on God’s answer before we move forward and forge ahead with our own desires without hearing clear direction from God.

Silence from God does not mean “go ahead, do what you want to do.” God not saying “no” cannot be interpreted as God saying “yes.”  I’m not sure if that sentence is even grammatically correct, but it is scripturally accurate.

“God didn’t stop me from buying that house, so I did it.”  “God didn’t stop me from marrying that man, so I did it.” “God didn’t stop me from sleeping with that boy, so I did it.” Oh my. “I knocked and you didn’t answer, so I came on in.”

If you aren’t hearing from God in a particular area of your life, here are a few questions to consider.

1.    Are you obeying what He already has told you to do?
2.    Are you living your life according to the principles He already hasmapped out for you?
3.    Are you asking for direction in one area of your life, and yet knowingly disobeying Him in another?

Perhaps God is waiting for you to do something He already has told you to do, before He tells you the next thing or gives you further direction.

Now let’s go back to Philip. He knocked and I didn’t come to the door. So what should he have done? Knock again? Sat by the door and waited for me to come? Come back another day? Ring the doorbell a hundred times until I got tired of hearing it and opened the door? There are many other options, but walking through the door was not one of them. Are you tracking with me here?

I put my arms around this lump of love and tried to explain. “Philip, I just don’t want you to get hurt. You might walk into someone’s home and scare them? They might think you are a robber? It could be very dangerous. You have to knock and then wait for someone to open the door and invite you in.”

“OK,” he moaned with a singsongy huff of frustration.

I’m not sure he really understood, but after that day, Philip restrained his urge to walk into our house whenever he wanted.

Join me tomorrow when I share about a time when I knocked, but was met with God’s silence.

Let’s Pray
LORD, I’m knocking. Help me to wait until you answer to move ahead.
In Jesus’ Name,

Now It’s Your Turn
What do you tend to do when you don’t know what to do?

What do you tend to do when you don’t hear God’s answer or direction right away?

Look up the following passage and note how long Moses waited until God spoke to him on the mountain. Exodus 24:15-18

What happened in the valley below when the people got tired of waiting for God to give them direction through Moses? Exodus 32

Have you been knocking and waiting for God to answer? Click over to my blog page and tell me what I can be praying about for you today Just look for the comment box under today’s devotion and enter your request.

More from the Girlfriends
Trusting God. It is something we all need to do. And when life doesn’t turn out the way we had hoped, we need to trust that God has a better plan in mind. If you’d like to learn more about trusting God, check out our new GiG book by the same title…Trusting God.  You can find it on my website at or the GiG website at  While you’re there, download a free chapter and watch an intro video!

22 Responses

  1. Tracie says:

    I’m asking for prayer and direction from God for my teaching career to finally begin. I want to teach…it’s my passion. I can’t teach in public schools until I pass the state exam. However, this has been my biggest obstacle. I have test anxiety! I have taken the exam a few times but failed. I’m not a quiter. Although, I find myself lately asking God if this is His plan for me. I knock and knock but God doesn’t answer. Please pray for me!!

    • Melanie says:

      Tracie, I am in a situation a bit like yours. What state are you in? I am in Alabama.

      • Tracie says:

        Hi Melanie, I am from Indiana. I will pray for guidance and afirmation for you. I will also pray He shows you areas in your life where He needs you to be obedient to Him. He will answer…God is awesome!!

  2. Jennifer Chandler says:

    Good morning Sharon,

    I have been knocking and waiting for God to answer in the areas of direction in my life, a new career and a husband. I feel like I’ve been praying and asking for these things for a long the, but I’m not getting an answer or I’m not hearing Him. I ask that you pray with me for answers and if I’m not hearing God I pray that you will pray that I open my ears and listen.

  3. Kelly says:

    I have been blessed by the GiG’s book, Trusting God! I was so disappointed that it had to end! In your devotional today you asked how you can pray so I’m taking you up on that. My husband has been unemployed for some time. He is applying for both ministry and sales positions and we are waiting on God to direct. For a long time there hasn’t been any response from any potential employers. He is now in conversation with two different churches for pastoral positions (both would mean a move and big changes for our family.) Yet, we are also enjoying an unprecedented time of blessing and fellowship in lay ministry where we are. Would you join us in prayer for God’s perfect timing and plan. I don’t want us to take a single step without it being according to His perfect plan and timing. Thanks!

  4. mary says:

    My mom is 80 years old goes to a church that has just resently all but destrored her I have no use for these people that have made the maybe last few years with my mom possibly shorter She has asked a request of me and that is that I go to that church with her this easter Sunday . I refused but then prayed about it and asked God to lead my heart. I have knocked now waiting for an answer .IF YOU HAVE ANY INPUT IN THIS COULD YOU PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME, Thank you

  5. tamara says:

    the patience and knowledge to raise my daughter in Gods will.

  6. Tonya says:

    I am praying and asking for direction for my non-profit organzation WOW(women of wisdom) i have been praying and asking God for resources and direction for this organzatio
    I have knock and i have not received an answer i asked God if this is in his plans for me and reveal it to me. god your will not mine.please keep me and my organzation in prayer

  7. Nancy says:

    I have been praying for my daughters marriage to be restored for a very long time…I know God is working but I still see bitterness in my daughter for her husband. They have one child 7 years old. Just want to see a glimer of hope that things will work out for them.

  8. Erika says:

    This is so timely for me! I’m struggling to give my burdens to God and to listen for the answers he gives me! I’m a single mother of three struggling financially and emotionally. I’ve been praying for guidance with career choices, my children’s needs and MY needs. I need to learn to trust, to be patient and above all to LISTEN. How will I ever hear the answers He gives me if I never stop to listen? Thank you!

  9. Prayer Girl says:

    I am asking prayer for a very personal area of my life. My husband and I are recently married. God has been so gracious to work out areas in our lives that we simply could not have done on our own. However, I feel that there is an area that is missing: children. I do not know if having a child now would be best, or if waiting a few years would be better. There are a lot of reasons why both would be beneficial. I pray for guidance in this area, as well as a “knowing” for my husband and I to know which way is best. We want to do God’s will, and this is such a huge area of our lives that I feel we should not take into our own hands. If it is His will for us to wait, then I pray for a peace about it because my heart longs for a child. Thank you.

  10. Hardest to wait for an answer: when you are afraid of drastic consequences if you DON’T move right away, and God seems to be taking His time answering. You know how official health spokespeople always say that if you notice ANY unusual pains, marks, or other symptoms, to visit a doctor immediately because it might be something serious where quick treatment is crucial? And you know how some people are hypochondriacs who take that to mean “If you don’t have your doctor check out every muscle twinge within 24 hours, you’ll probably die”? In our rush-rush society full of “Act NOW” advertisements, most of us easily develop the same habit in all aspects of life.

  11. Dawn says:

    I’ve been ‘knocking’ and waiting on God to show me what to do in my marriage. My husband and I were married a year ago, but our relationship is completely broken and we don’t live together. I feel like when I asked God whether he was the right man for me, I took His silence as an ‘ok or yes, you can marry him’. But now I’m second guessing His silence and wondering if this marriage is or is not His Will. I know God hates divorce, but this isn’t how He intended marriage to be either.
    I ask for prayer for the Lord to intercede, for His peace and for me to be patient enough to actually wait on God’s answer. Also pray for His feeling of love to surround me because this is quite a lonely feeling.

  12. amy says:

    Dear Sharon,
    I feel so blessed to have found your website filled with wonderful daily devotions, as well as your new book, Trusting God. It has helped me on through numerous difficult situations. So thank you for all you, Gwenn and Mary do. You are truly a God send!When you asked to if there was something you could pray for, I could immediately think of so manyy things going on in my life. I felt like I could relate to some of the ladies that have already left responses such as asking for prayers to be more still, to listen, to be faithful and trusting in God. I struggle with those very things daily. I am trying to overcome depression, all the while raising two girls, a 4 year old and 19th month old, with a husband that does his best to be there for us, but has a job that he has to be away or work all the time. I find myself very overwhelmed and stressed most of the time, wondering what is it that God has planned for me. i feel that I am not emotionally whole if that makes sense. That there is something else that God is calling me to do. I have been a stay at home mom for 2 years. I always thought I would want to be a stay at home mom just like my mother was. I am finding that is not the case. I have been praying so hard and asking God to give me patience with my children,to present with them and enjoy the moments with them while they are young, however,at the end of the day, i still find myself needing more. Is that bad or selfish? Maybe so? I just don’t know what it is that God wants me to do. I love to be in control. It is my nature and to let go, to be still and listen to what God wants me to do is so hard. Also, have the time with kids and a busy husband. I think the one time I was able to be still, be quiet and really be able to talk to God was while on a mission trip to Sierra Leone. The best experience ever and feel so very grateful i got the chance to go. When I got back, I felt very overwhelmed not only with the effects of what I saw while there, but just being back in the real world. I wasn’t sure what to do. I know I am just rambling, but I guess my prayer request is to give me strength, patience and understanding of God’s will for me. To be able to take the time to not only to take to Him but to listen to Him as I am in this journey of trying to figure who I am and how I can best serve our Lord. Thank you Sharon for all you do!

  13. Tammie says:

    I sometimes struggle with understanding when God doesn’t answer a particular prayer, when he’s just quietly waiting and when a non-answer is simply a no. For the longest time, I prayed that God would bring me the man I was supposed to love. Then, one night when I least expected it, He delivered a wonderful man straight to me, and I truly believe this was a stroke of God’s hand and genius. For some time now, I’ve prayed that God will help us find a way to get to the same place. See, we both have jobs and family members who need us in two very different places that are roughly two hours from each other. I pray that I’m not being inflexible and that God will help us find a way to know where we’re supposed to be and get there. Thank you for letting me share and for writing such relevant devotions.

  14. Maya says:

    Please pray for my grad school application. Thank you!

  15. Kavita says:

    Hi Please pray for me, that god will give me the strength to let go of a young man, whome i love dearly thus i have been disobeying god, by still holding on to him. I need wisdom and grace to walk in gods perfect will. but i have been walking right in i need to go back and knock and let go of what he wants me too.

  16. Diana says:

    Good Morning, I have been praying for clear direction in my life. I have also been seeking God on who my mate is. During this time I have had some derailments and I am seeking God to find my way back to good ground. I know my life, right now, is not what is was or should be. Sometimes I get so frustrated and do nothing. I know this isn’t the answer, but it gets hard for me when I hear or see nothing. Yes, I have tried very hard to be in faith. I don’t know why I can’t seem to keep hold. I am 45 this year, and I feel there are things I need clear answers to right now. I want to be in a happy, loving and fulfilling Godly relationship. I want to know what direction I need to go for my future. I am currently in school working on an associates degree. I feel sometimes that I am all over the place and I need clarity. I need to find my way back to being STILL in God and being able to effectively pray and and meditate on the Word. Please pray for me to get back to where I was and get my life going in the pleasing direction of God. Thanks for being here for all who read your blogs. May God continue to use and bless you.

  17. Beth says:

    A friend of mine blessed me by sharing this website. She has shared insight from the GiG website on several occasions and now I’m finally accessing it myself. I read all of the knocking devotions and all the prayer requests prior to mine. I so relate to so many of them. Not being a patient person, waiting has not been a forte of mine. My prayer for others and the one I’m asking for myself is that none of us get caught up in the “shoulds” of life. I relate to the women praying for right partners. I’ve been in a relationship for over twelve years and, frankly, am unsure of what is supposed to be happening. Do I “wait” it out? If not, God’s timing to let him go? I’m running out of biological time, let’s get this moving because I want children…these are the questions and thoughts that keep my brain and heart overactive in all the wrong ways. Blessings to you, sisters in Christ. Peace prayed for you that you will know the perfect will that God has for each of you.

  18. D.A.K says:

    Praying to know God well and to be at his presence at all times and to hear his voice directing me .

  19. Kim says:

    My husband & I are sitting in divorce/custody court, as I type this. Please pray for softening of his heart. He is a lost sheep Lord. GOG..please pray that Gods divine grace G peace wash over this & allow 4 him 2 b the man he once was…Lord God I ultimately want your divine intervention in the way you see fit Lord but if I don’t ask I have learned I will not receive. I want my family yes a more God centered family but my family none the less. Please GOG lift us n prayer & wrap ur love around the kids so they are least affected & protected totally from any harm..let us be warrioirs for your glory lord. Please pray for peace & love 2 fill Marcia my mother in law & allow your glory 2 b used in your glory Lord for your testimony of your almighty power of miracles. Its probably our last chance.

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