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Will You Move Forward or Turn Back?

Sharon Jaynes

Today’s Truth
“Then Orpah kissed her mother-in-law goodbye, but Ruth clung to her,” (Ruth 1:14 NIV).

Friend to Friend
Have you ever been reading the Bible and suddenly something grabs hold of you so tightly, you know, oh you know, that God has opened your eyes to a new truth? That He has spoken to you loud and clear? Not through someone else, but directly to you? That happened to me this morning and I am compelled to write about it.

It was in the simple story of Naomi,Ruth and Orpah. How many times have I read this story, taught this story, pondered this passage, and yet, God still opened my eyes to something new.

Stand with me on the road back to Bethlehem as Ruth and Orpah are crying because their mother-in-law, Naomi, is headed back to Bethlehem. They both wanted to go with her, begged to go with her, pled to go with her.

But then Naomi said to the girls: “Return home, my daughters. Why would you come with me? Am I going to have any more sons, who could become your husbands? Return home, my daughters; I am too old to have another husband. Even if I thought there was still hope for me—even if I had a husband tonight and then gave birth to sons— would you wait until they grew up? Would you remain unmarried for them? No, my daughters. It is more bitter for me than for you, because the LORD’s hand has turned against me!” (Ruth 1:11-13 NIV).

So Orpah turned around and went home. But Ruth replied: “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the LORD deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.” When Naomi realized that Ruth was determined to go with her, she stopped urging her.” (Ruth 1 16-18 NIV).

Ruth, a Moabite, told Naomi, “Your God will be my God!” God was enough. She didn’t care if there was no husband, no future, no provision. She was not turning her back on Naomi. She was not turning her back on the God of Abraham. She was moving forward and trusting God!

There was nothing for Orpah in Bethlehem but God. There was nothing for Ruth in Bethlehem…but God. How many of us look at the future as Orpah did? We look ahead and it looks bleak, so we give up, turn around and go backwards…tuck our tails and go home?

How many of us look at the future, as Ruth did? She saw only God, and continued moving forward? How many of us, like Ruth, believe that God is enough?

I’m going to have to stop and pray right now: “God, I don’t see anything positive in this situation. I don’t see any hope. But I do see You and that’s enough. I’m moving forward…to Bethlehem…to the city whose name means, “House of Bread!”

(If you were sitting here with me as my fingers are flying over the keys, you would hear me preaching. No sweet little devotion today girls. I’m standing on my chair!)

How many of us are willing to be a Ruth? “God I don’t see what the future holds. I know others around me don’t see any future for me. I have Naomis in my life who tell me to turn around and go home. But God, you are enough. You are more than enough. You are all I need. I’m moving forward. I’m moving toward You!”

Ruth didn’t see anything bright in a future in Bethlehem. No husband, no home, no children. All she saw was God. And what did God give her in Bethlehem? He gave her a husband, a home, and children. All she saw was God…and God blessed her in ways that surprised everyone – including her own self.

And what happened to Orpah, the gal who turned around and went back home because she believed Naomi’s prediction of a bleak future? Who knows? We never heard about her again.

Let’s Pray
Dear God, no matter what anyone tells me today to try and discourage me from following hard after You, I am pressing forward. I am believing in You. I am trusting in You. I am clinging to You. You are more than enough.
In Jesus’ Name,


Now It’s Your Turn
There will always be Naomi-people who try to tell us to turn around and go home. Who tell us that God is not enough. But listen; sometimes it is not a person, but the devil, Satan himself. He will whisper in your ear. “Don’t depend on God to meet your needs, go here, go there, your chances are better getting ____________ on your own.” You can fill in that blank with husband, children, financial blessing, health, and just about anything.

If you are willing to be a Ruth today and stand with me and say… “God is enough. He is all I need,” then log onto my Facebook page at and say,
“God is enough!”

More from the Girlfriends

I’m so fired up right now; all I want is for you to forward this email to a woman who needs to believe that God is enough. If you forward this devotion to at least ten women who need to trust God today, then let me know at I’m going to pick three of you at the end of the day, and send a free copy of Trusting God.


22 Responses

  1. raechel says:

    I will forward this email….
    We just moved back to the United States about a month ago. We came back to a huge disapointment when we found out our renter did not care for our house at all (we could have gotten 3X as much rent than we did if we rented our home to someone else, but we wanted to help. Unfortunately, we are almost at EIGHT thousand dollars trying to repair and replace what was broken and damaged… I was focusing on the large sum of money we DONT have that we now HAVE to get to be able to move back into our home… Why I lost sight of who GOD is and what he can do is beyond me! Thank you for your excitement! God has never ever let me down, He has ALWAYS provided for me and I believe God IS enough. I will move forward and know that GOD will provide and at least I can sorta have a new house to live in while I wait for my Mansion in Heaven!
    Thank you this

    • Shelia says:

      God is indeed enough. He is Omnipotent, powerful, obedient to His word and all so faithful. I trust in him daily. Man is capable of letting us down, but God as many already know will forever stand His ground. It is time for those who don’t believe to put all their trust in our Almighty God.

  2. Busisiwe Mavuso says:

    Wow what a beautiful message, I have always read this story but never looked at it in this context. I am so fired up, now what my Pastor ministered to the church about going against the current and doing things God’s way is becoming clearer. I quote him “God says try me.”

    We often chase after things which when we receive, leave us empty anyway. God is sufficient and no matter how difficult it is, because at times is hard to follow the Spirit instead of our flesh, but God’s ways are life, He will never ask me to do something if He knew it would be to my detriment.

    Thank you for such powerful words and may the Hand of God be always upon you. God bless.

  3. Thanks so much for this message this morning. As I was reading it I could feel God bumps come up all over me and when you said you were standing on your chair I had already stood from mine. I am a casemanager at a 200 bed homeless shelter and God has placed me here for this season to minister to the hurting women here. These women need to know but more that to believe that God is enough; He is more than the drugs, alcohol and men that have used and abused them for so long. I am blessed to be in a Christian ministry so that I am free to share Jesus with my clients. You can be sure that this message will be shared today with more than 10 women and probably not via email but rather a casemanager sharing Jesus; THE HOPE:) God bless you!

  4. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for this! It is what I needed this morning. I am moving forward, even though it’s hard to leave at times, but the future is bright and I trust the Lord to protect me and provide for me and show me strength and wisdom!
    I love your website! A friend forwarded a devotional to me a few weeks ago when I needed it the most and I have been reading them ever since! God bless you all girls! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Melissa says:

    Great devotional!!! Why wasn’t this one emailed this morning? I received an old one (Are You Living Below the Bar).

  6. Sharon Gauthier says:

    I correspond with women in jail, and always send them GiG devotions. They love them. This one will be next. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  7. Megan says:

    Amazing way to start my day! Right to my heart, exactly what I have been needing this past week. GOD IS ENOUGH! I am a Ruth! Sharing this on my facebook page, I sure don’t want any other friends or family to miss out on this powerful message this morning!

  8. Patti says:

    Yes, God is enough. He has proven Himself to be Faihful time and time again in my life. I played the part of Ruth in a skit about 30 yrs. ago at Christian Retreat in Bradenton, Fl. I felt like Ruth at that time in my life and all I could do was trust God. God is enough for He has brought me through many trials and He has blessed my life to overflowing. He became my provider substainer in my life.

    Thanks so very much for telling this Truth about our God. May He continue to bless you and all that you do.

  9. Kat says:

    This was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you, God, for this reminder and this devotional today. Thank you, GIGs, for letting God use you! And thank you, Gwen Smith for making a post on facebook about this or I never would have seen it. I, too, received “Are You Living Below the Bar” in my email. I didn’t check my email, though, until I saw Melissa’s comment. And I probably wouldn’t have checked my email, either, if not for Melissa’s comment. So…thank you! :)

    I’m going through an extremely tough time right now, and I am finally learning patience and my faith is being tested in one of the most painful ways I can imagine. But…”I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” – Philippians 4:13. I know God doesn’t throw anything at me that I can’t handle, and I know He loves me and cares for me because he keeps sending me encouragement just as I am about to give up hope, just like this devotional. So, thank you so much again :) I will always move forward towards you, Lord! And you are MORE than enough!

    God bless ♥

  10. I shared this devotional with ten beautiful women. I too was excited and wanted to share this devotional with others. Thanks for this being led by the Spirit moment and sharing it!!! It’s so exciting when it happens and now with the technology we have today it can be around the world touching others in just minutes. What a blessings!!!

  11. Kim says:

    Thank you so very much for this devotion this morning. Wow! I am currently in a crossroad myself, and I have been struggling do I run back to what appearemd to be comfortable (money is there but joy is not). Or do I move forward trusting God. I know in my heart He will provide. I need to be like Ruth and trust God fully and completely. This is a big decision just like Ruths. So, thank you again for your words (God’s words) today. Please pray that I have the strength to be like Ruth and move forward with God.

  12. Misty says:

    THIS WAS AMAZING AND AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! GOD is so GOOD!!!! And I am so very thankful to have Girlfriends In God like you, to be so alive and used for God’s Awesome and Good Will and Purpose!!!!! He certainly gives us that extra push when we are in doubt and feel too weak to press forward, but He NEVER lets us down. All He asks is that we have Faith and Fully TRUST in HIM!!!!!! Keep doing what you ladies are doing, because you’re extremely inspirational and definitely being used for a GREATER PURPOSE!!!!!!


  13. Lesa says:

    As i read your devotion I too felt so compelled to just jump up and tell the world that all we need is God : He is God all by himself and I thank God for being who he is ; I have been going through some trials and I know on today I will be OK because I do believe He is in control of everything and this too shall “Pass” . thank you for this devotion ; it brought tears of joy to my heart!!!

  14. Shara Castro says:

    OMGosh… He sure is enough. Thank you so much for this post… I will be sharing.

  15. Sangita says:

    Thnx for this great message. it confirmed what God directed me to do this morning. I’m going through a marriage problem.Many friends have told me to treat it differently…like leaving my husband but God has always showed me that I have to cling to him forever. it is hard but I tell you GIG that God gives me power and strength through his words. God bless you.

  16. Hannah says:

    Hey , this scripture really touched me and ministered to me differently as well! When in your human capabilities are tempted into believing that the future is bleak, then we need to do away with that mentality because God has a plan for us and He is enough! All you need to is to pursue Him in faith and you will get the rewards. Look at Ruth now, from a childless widow to a happy wife and mother! God bless you.

  17. Alice says:

    Thank you so much for your words! I had to re- sign up with all the FB changes but I’m back on and looking forward to your posts.

  18. Ileana says:


  19. Krista says:

    I am learning to move forward while letting go of the past. The devil tells us to hold onto the past because it is familiar & comfortable.
    But with God’s help I am moving forward and believing that God is enough.

  20. JLa says:

    God is enough! This morning as I debate continuing in a marriage that is filled with lies, unfaithfulness, bitterness and more, I’m reminded that whether he stays or goes,God is and will be enough. Just like Ruth, I want to trust God with my whole heart…and lean not on my understanding of this situation, in this and everything I want to acknowledge Him because He is the one who will make my path straight. Not others. Please pray for my husband to find God.

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