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Words Can Captivate Your Man (Or Anyone!)

Sharon Jaynes

Today’s Truth

A good wife is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds (Proverbs 31:10, The Message).

Friend to Friend

OK, today is a devo for our married GiGs, but you single gals are not off the hook. Words are so powerful. We can use them to build people up or tear people down, to encourage or discourage, to speak life or to speak death. If you are not married, think of a friend or family member looking at your picture and musing about the impact you’ve had on their life. What would run through their mind? Now, you can read this devotion and put someone else in this buddy’s seat.

Today, I want you to use your imagination. I want you to imagine your husband sitting at his desk or at a quiet place at work. Imagine him lost in thought about how blessed he is to have you as his wife. He holds your framed picture in his hand and moisture begins to pool in his eyes. He is captivated.

All the riches in the world are not to be compared with the jewel I have in this woman, he muses. What did I ever do to deserve her? God has given me such a gift. All our married life, she has done nothing but love me, bring out the best in me, and look out for my best interest.  All the guys at the office are envious of our relationship. I see the way their eyes soften when she comes by just to tell me hello, grabs my hand when we’re at office functions, or pecks me on the cheek for no apparent reason. I notice that her loving words to me are in stark contrast to some of the cutting remarks of other wives…and so do my friends.  I look around at the accomplishments of my life, but having this woman as my wife is my greatest. Oh sure, there are many women out there in the world who are accomplishing great feats, but my wife…well, she surpasses them all.

What a picture!  That’s the woman I want to be, don’t you? And amazingly my words can be the determining factor as to whether this scenario is possible or not. Did you know that there are words your husband longs to hear? Did you know that there are words we should never say? Let me give you a few from my book, The Power of a Woman’s Words.

Words Never to Say to Your Husband

  1. I told you so.
  2. You just don’t think.
  3. It’s all your fault.
  4. What’s wrong with you?
  5. I can’t do anything to please you.
  6. All you care about is yourself.
  7. You never listen to me.
  8. I don’t know why I put up with you.
  9. What do you want now?
  10. How many times do I have to tell you?

Words Your Husband Longs to Hear

  1. I’ve been thinking about you all day.
  2. What can I do for you today?
  3. How can I pray for you today?
  4. The best part of my day is when you come home.
  5. You are one of God’s most precious gifts to me.
  6. You are so wonderful.
  7. You look so handsome today.
  8. I don’t feel complete without you.
  9. I will always love you.
  10. I trust your decisions.

Today, be aware of the words you say to your husband.  Do they build him up or tear him down? Do they make him glad he came home, or wish he hadn’t?

And for the single GiG, consider the words that you speak to your co-workers and friends. They have their own lists too. :)

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, please keep watch over my lips today. Help me use my words to speak life to those I come in contact with today. Help me use my words to build up and not tear down. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

Why not pick out 1 or 2 phrases from the list of words your husband longs to hear and try them out today? You might be surprised just how much his eyes light up!  When you love your husband well, God says “Well done, my good and faithful servant!”

Let’s hold each other accountable. Pick one of the lines from what your husband longs to hear and tell me which one you are going to say today. And single gals, you pick one too. Tell me at

More from the Girlfriends

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8 Responses

  1. Carole says:

    I married my husband when he was 55, so he had a lot of baggage from his past. Sadly, he hears these negative comments in his mind & prefers to do things on his own or with his male friends. I try to be encouraging but romance has been killed off by his constant feelings of insecurity & lack of self worth.
    Thankfully, I know that God loves me , so I live my life to honour Him.

    • Kike says:

      Continue to depend on God to meet your needs and continue to pray fo grace to show your man love in a way he can understand. Pray for him & your marriage. I know God can heal dead marriages as he healed mine!

  2. May Ann says:

    Me and my fiance are planning to get married soon but a big challenge came to our relationship. I started to feel down and discouraged. The happiness I felt before suddenly changes to worries and fears. But I thank God for giving this man who stays with me and keep me standing in my faith. His words inspire me to keep on going with life. He never rejected nor blamed me. I know it’s my turn to says “thank you” to Him. I know now that He is really the man God has given me to be with me forever. Please continue praying for us.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for the reminder that our words can tear someone down as well as build them up. I’ve been guilty of using phrases 1-5 with my husband; and he let’s me know those words hurt. Oh, the things we say in the heat of the moment without thinking. I also have been making myself mindful of telling him things similar to items 6-10. Those statements not only build him up, but make me feel better about myself and strengthen our relationship.

  4. Mo says:

    I send this to my friends and sister everyday and it came just in time. She had an issue with her boyfriend and was angry and talked at him instead of talking with him about how she felt. She got this message and realized her words were wrong. She and I are both single and are going to work on the uplifting words instead of the beat down words in all areas of our lives, thanks for the great devotional today.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Dear Grlfriends,
    What a beautiful devotion. The last few devotions have been wonderful. In the past I have not always been so nice to my husband for reasons i justified. but the Christian faith teaches us to treat others the way we are to be treated not how they treat us. Thast goes with marriage to. we are not called to be reactionary. I have learned in many realtionships with co workers, bosses, friends, etc. that the best way to get a better realationship is to pray for the person and treat them wonderfully. This also ties in to the devotion about the woman that went on Dr. Phil. The only problem I have today is the “I dont feel complete without you.” God completes us. We are incomplete until we allow God in our lives and then we are made whole. No man has the ability to complete us, only God. I do, however, miss my husband when he isnt around, but long ago when I accepted the Lord into my life, I became complete…
    love you GIGs

  6. muria says:

    thank you so much this help me realize that i need to cherish my husband more even though he is not home most of the time but thanks to your advise and Gods help am falling in love all over again with my husband

  7. Tiffany says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for these amazing devotions from the month of February. Im in the beginning of a relationship with someone God has placed in my life and I came back to forward a few of these devotions to my best friend who is having some battles with her marriage. But I realized after reading this one, how much little things like what I say to the special man in my life, will help our relationship grow!!! During the month of February I was single and was SO READY for these marriage devotions to be over with. It felt like a single woman’s torture. But I am so thankful for them!!! God’s time was perfect yet again!!! He knew I would need these and I just had to wait for that time!!!!

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