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How to Host a GiG Conference

The act of encouraging, equipping and empowering women in their journey with God is essential. Many different organizations must take a leadership role to share the height, width and depth of the hope of Christ in the shadow of a world cloaked in hopelessness and superficiality. We desire to see conference attendees, and all within their sphere of influence, grow deeper in their relationships with God and soar higher in freedom and faith.

Girlfriends In God conferences are “turn-key” events. The sponsoring organization sets the schedule, promotes the event, sets the admission price, and handles the registrations. Girlfriends In God provides the materials, the speakers and the worship artist. In the process of bringing a Girlfriends In God conference to your community there are several things to consider.

Girlfriends In God requires a 6-month lead-time for the scheduling and promotional efforts of the seminars. This helps to insure an effective promotional strategy. We will provide the basic promotional and administrative materials for a successful seminar.

Each seminar requires a minimum number of 300 people to make the event cost effective for the sponsoring organization.

For more information, contact the Conference Team of Girlfriends In God at (704) 975-4963 or email us at

Girlfriends in God
P.O. Box 1311
Huntersville, NC  28070